June & May Beach Chair

Bring comfort and style to sand, surf, and fun!


With comfortable light padding, a simple set-up, and an adjustable back angle so you can relax just how you want to, the large lightweight portable beach chair is perfect for any getaway involving fun in the sun. Holiday leisure means comfort, relaxation, and feeling exactly how you want to. This chair helps with all of that and more.


This beach must-have is portable with an easy-carry strap so you can bring your chair to the beach instead of waiting for the beach to come to your chair. Gone are the days of lugging a cumbersome chair around and hoping to find the one spot on the entire coast where it will sit mostly fine. Weighing less than two pounds, you can finally take your chair to that perfect spot on the sand and enjoy the beach day you oh-so-deserve.


This beach chair is weatherproof not only to protect the chair, but to protect your valuables. A beach chair pocket means you can zip up your valuables and keep them safe from weather, sand, and everything else. You don’t want to have to hold tight to your valuables when you let loose on the beach; let your chair do it for you.


Our bright blue and white design means a stroll on the beach is never followed by a hunt for your chair. You can easily spot your chair so when it’s time to get off the hot sand, you know exactly where to go.


Setting up your beach chair shouldn’t take time away from your vacation – and now it doesn’t have to! Simply lay the chair flat, adjust the back straps to the intended arch of the chair, put the steel bar up in the sand, and you’re good to go. Plus, because of the carrying case, it’s easy to store pretty much anywhere when not in use.