June & May Aroma Diffuser


Crafted in a Moroccan-inspired design, this diffuser fills your space with a lovely aroma. Its whisper-quiet operation and color-changing LED lights invite a calming ambience that soothes the mind and body, making it an essential for bedrooms, living spaces, and studies.

Infuse your air with Essential Oils

The June & May Aroma Diffuser practically exudes relaxation. Give any room in your house the pleasing sense of calm that comes from our essential oil scents. Our unique essential oil diffuser comes with a power cable a one bottle of orange June & May essential oil so you can immediately achieve the calm you’ve sought for so long. Free yourself from the stress and strains and cacophonies and eyesores in the world outside; when you come home, relax and find peace of mind with our safe, quiet, color-changing pretty essential oil diffuser. Your peace of mind is most important; make sure you have an essential oil diffuser kit that truly is essential. The June & May Aroma Diffuser works with any essential oil.

Fill any room with pleasing scents

Smell is one of the most important senses you have. It affects the taste of your food, the evocative power of a memory, and perhaps most importantly, your sense of calm. Our unique essential oil diffuser allows for a variety of June & May essential oil scents, including orange, tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint, all of which provide you with sweet soothing serenity like no other. There are no aromatic acrobatics involved; simply find your favorite scent, and enjoy a fragrant mist that envelops the entire room with calming, pleasing vibes.

Whisper-quiet operation

A moment of meditation or a respite for relaxation shouldn’t be interrupted by the whirring, clinking, clanging sounds of your oil diffuser kit. The whisper-quiet operation in this unique essential oil diffuser lets you focus on the scents rather than the sound. Whether studying, relaxing, or entering into a soothing aura of calmness, this modern diffuser gives you the serenity you need now with no unnecessary audio distractions.

Color-changing LED lights

Let the sights and smells transport you with calming, color-changing LED lights. Whether you want mood lights or simply an ever-changing soothing aura, exactly what you need is exactly what you get.

Integrated safety shut-off

Safety is a crucial part of peace of mind. This is an oil diffuser decorative, calming, and completely secure thanks to its integrated safety shut-off. Enjoy your diffuser kits without a worry in the world.

The June & May Aroma Diffuser pairs best with June & May Essential Oils, generating a fragrant mist that envelopes the entire room in pleasing scents and relaxing vibes.

4-Pack of Essential Oils Includes:

  • Orange - for metal relaxation & emotional stability
  • Lavender - for pure sleep & deep rest
  • Eucalyptus - for clean air & fresh thoughts
  • Peppermint - for cleansing focus & emotional energy