Dr Save Vacuum Travel Kit

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Take it ALL with the Dr Save Vacuum Travel Kit

Tired of running out of room in suitcases or in storage. Vacuum seal your extra clothes and save 70% of the space!

This powerful electric vacuum pump runs off AA batteries and will quickly remove all the air while drastically shrinking the size of soft goods placed in the provided reusable storage bags.

Downgrade that checked bag to a carry-on or just bring more!

The Dr Save Vacuum Travel Kit is also the perfect way to put clothes into long term-storage and works wonders on bulky winter coats or last summer’s beachwear.

Includes the vacuum sealer and 4 vacuum bags



  • Compact size of the vacuum sealing unit means you can bring it with you to save suitcase space on the way home
  • Reduces the size of soft goods by 70%
  • Ideal for storing seasonal wear, comforters, large jackets, pillows etc. 
  • Protects and preserves clothes - Because there's no air there are no insects, dust, mildew, moisture, musty odors or discoloration on soft goods
  • Includes:
    • One vacuum sealing unit
    • Two 23" x 15" vacuum bags
    • Two 27" x 19" vacuum bags