Air Lock Vacuum Sealer


The fastest and easiest home food preservation system! Are you tired of throwing away hundreds of dollars away on spoiled food? Luckily Air Lock Vacuum Sealer is here to save the day! This handheld vacuum sealer comes with 4 double-gallon bags that are freezable, reusable, and leak-proof. Not to mention Air Lock Vacuum Sealer comes with a USB charging cable to recharge the battery again and again; one charge can seal hundreds of bags.

Simply put the food you want to preserve in the vacuum sealer bag, connect the vacuum sealer to the bag, and all the excess air is removed from the bag in 15-30 seconds. This keeps food lasting 3 times longer, marinates meat and fish in a matter of minutes, and freezer burn is completely eliminated.


  • Lasts for hundreds of vacuum seals per charge
  • Vacuum seals 2 gallon bags in under 30 seconds
  • Light-weight and portable
  • Perfect for camping

Tech Specs:

  • Recharges in 90 minutes (micro-USB rechargeable)
  • Comes with 4 reusable bags
  • Bags are Freezable
  • Bags are Leak-proof