Air Lock Soda Sealer

Ever pop open a soda bottle but couldn't finish the whole thing? With the Air Lock Soda Sealer enjoy that same fizzy and brand new taste weeks after you've taken the first sip. Our patented technology works by maintaining C02 levels inside the soda bottle and preserving carbonation. 

Once opened, replace the old soda cap with the Air Lock Soda Sealer and press down on the sealer. As you press you'll feel the soda bottle pressurize and harden. Depending on size and volume, typically 8 - 20 pumps is more than enough.  


- Works on any plastic soda bottle; 2 liter, 1 liter, 20 oz, 12 oz

- Includes 5 caps that are dishwasher safe

- Keeps soda fresh and fizzy for weeks after opening 

- Built-in calendar on top of the Soda Sealer. Simply turn the dial to the date it was opened so you know which one to drink next

 - Patented air-pressuring technology