The Best Deals in an Exclusive Bundle

Introducing VIP Box!

Based on our hit Surprise Box, you get to pick from 4 variations that contain the top FRESHeTECH products

VIP Box 1: 2 FRESHeBUDS (black & white), 2 FRESHeBUDS Air, 3 FRESHeBUDS Pro, Wired FRESHeBUDS

VIP Box 2: FRESHeBAR (Brown), All-Terrain Sound, Splash Tunes Pro (gray)

VIP Box 3: All-Terrain Headphones, Wired FRESHeBUDS, June & May Headphones (gray)

VIP Box 4: 2 iMergencies, 2 Wired FRESHeBUDS, 2 FRESHeBUDS Air, All-Terrain Sound, Self Outreach

Note: If you want something in a specific color, please email