The History Of The Shower

Greek vase


One of the most sought after things people look forward to each day is the hot, relaxing and refreshing shower. It is an amazing feeling having water-spraying water all over your body after a long day. The shower has come a long way since the very first shower. The very first shower was not even man-made. It was more naturalistic like lakes and waterfalls. Whenever people found water it was where they bathed which is why most tribes or camps always made sure they were close to a body of water. It could be kind of cool chilling under a waterfall, but is probably awfully cold during winter months.

Then it evolved again with the creation of the jug. People could then go down to the streams and bring back jugs of water for cooking and bathing. Later Egyptians utilized the first indoor shower areas. Upper class Egyptians had shower rooms and used servants to bring water and bathe them. Guess that wouldn't be so bad having someone do the dirty work for you.

The first people to have actual sewage and aqueduct systems were the Greeks. The water would flow into communal showers, which could be cool because you could chat about your day with your friends and neighbor while showering. The Romans then took this idea and created famous bathhouses that would be considered by todays standard a spa. After more time passed the shower became the next best thing to Godliness. It was around this time the health benefits of showers became recognized.

Roman baths


1767 brought the hand pump shower created by a gentleman by name of William Feetham from London. Shower seems to get more popularity over time. By 1850 the first free standings showers came along, and by the 20th century came the tank less water shower, which gave us steady streams of hot water to bathe with. But what made this different from earlier showers?

Maybe it was because you had some one else to keep you company like the Greeks with their communal showers and Romans with their bathhouses.

But what is the future of the shower?  Is it part of the “Connected Home” and “Internet of things”? With innovation in the actual shower being stagnant, technology is allowing for there to be innovation in the in entertainment space.  For example waterproof tablets, waterproof phone cases, and most importantly Splash Shower Tunes innovation to the classic signing in the shower.   This small and beautifully designed speaker connects right to your wall, controls all your phones music, answers calls, and even reads out your texts. Yes its true! The shower is everyone’s favorite activity, and we see technology making it even better.

So tell us, what is your favorite song to sing?


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