Singing Shower Time With FRESHeTECH Splash Tunes - In The Shower Everyone Is A RockStar

What is the first thing someone looks forward to when coming home from a hard day's work? For most the answer would probably be a piping hot shower. There is nothing better than hot water beading off your skin. Doing that first head dunk under the showerhead is always the best. Now there is nothing better than that. Or is there?

It could be something better if we're able to relax in the shower and listen to your favorite tunes.  There are a couple of choices to create that steamy shower concert. You can crank your stereo up in the living room and disturb the neighbor. Bring in your laptop and listen to your music through iTunes or whatever gadget you stream music. Or you could just get in the shower and turn on a speaker. No you didn’t misunderstand. You can literally just get in the shower and turn on a speaker.

FRESHeTECH Splash Tunes have made the shower a whole lot more fun with its wireless, waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It can stream music from any Bluetooth player. So now you can belt out your favorite songs while getting squeaky clean. Don’t be shy about it. We all do it. You may sing or even dance a little jig in the shower. In the shower we all become shower time divas or bathtub rock stars. But now you don’t have to just listen to the sound of your own voice.

You get a call while putting on your shower concert no need to worry cut to an intermission without even hopping out and answer the call thanks to the built in mic that doubles as a speakerphone. With the FreshETech Splash Tunes you can answer your phone call using that same speaker.  And for you Apple junkies you can even activate Siri.

With Splash Tunes you can put on a shower concert every day and practice shower twerking!!! Shower time has never been more fun!!


Speaker Shower Shower Speaker by the pool