Knockoffs of Our Shower Speaker - If You Are Having Issues

You May Be Searching One Of The Following:

"My Shower Speaker Isn't Working"

"How do I fix my bluetooth speaker"

"BTS-06 broken"

"Bluetooth Shower Speaker Issues"

"Dotzila Bluetooth Shower Speaker Issues"

"Living Social Shower Speaker Issues"

"GroupOn Bluetooth Shower Speaker Issues"


Hopefully We Can Help Explain

FRESHeTECH launched our shower speaker - Splash Shower Tunes - in 2013.  Since then, a bunch of importers have brought in similar looking speakers.  The similarities end with the look though.  The inside parts consist of completely different parts so they work very differently.  Our speakers have been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show and The Wendy Williams Show!

In 2015, we launched Splash Tunes Pro.  Splash Tunes Pro is our newest Bluetooth Shower Speaker.  With improved sound quality, battery life and more features, it has become a Best Seller!  

If you bought a bluetooth shower speaker from GroupOn, Living Social or Amazon, more then likely it wasn't ours'.  


I'm sure by now the knockoffs have stopped working.  With that said, we want to help.  Use the promo code "WeWantToHelp4229" to get a Splash Tunes Pro for $24.95!  We won't make money selling our newer speaker at 50% off but want to keep/gain customers that someone else may have wronged!