Kayak Speaker - Bluetooth Waterproof Floating Speaker - Splash Tunes Pro

We all know the joy of kayaking, being out in the water!  Splash Tunes Pro suctions right to your kayak and streams music right from your phone through Bluetooth!  This Bluetooth waterproof floating speaker was originally designed for the shower but we soon realized, it makes an even better outdoor speaker.  It uses the surface of the kayak to amplify the sound!

When out in nature, there is no better way to enjoy yourself than listening to some tunes.  May I suggest classical music when on a lake or rock music when going down rapids?

Splash Tunes Pro is perfect for kayaking!  

- If it by accidentally falls off your kayak, it floats so it is easy to retrieve.

- It uses the kayak's surface to amplify the sound.

- It has a high quality loud sound so don't worry about any other noises interfering with your listening.

- It has the largest battery of any shower speaker, so it will outlast your day of kayaking (14 hours).

- You can skip songs right from the speaker so you can keep your phone packed away!

- You can answer phone calls from it so incase of an emergency, you can easily answer and chat (with the built-in microphone).


We designed Splash Tunes Pro to be something you are proud to give as a gift!  Easy for people to see how they will use it.  We even designed high-end packaging so you can easily see the value of our product!


Moral of the story is if you kayak, check out Splash Tunes Pro!