Fugoo Sports Speaker VS. ALL-Terrain Sound - Which Rugged Bluetooth Portable Speaker Do You Want?

Fugoo is a well known funded brand that makes Bluetooth speakers.  ALL-Terrain Sound is designed by a small start-up in downtown Orlando.  We focus on making a great product and going direct to consumers to offer high quality Bluetooth speakers at a good price.  

Price: ALL-Terrain Sound is a rugged waterproof Bluetooth floating speaker is available for $59.95 on Amazon.com.  Sadly, the Fugoo Sports speaker retails for $199.95.  This is a big price difference!  

Waterproof and Floating: Both Bluetooth speakers are waterproof but only ALL-Terrain Sound floats!

Which to use in the shower: ALL-Terrain Sound comes with a suction cup to stick ALL-Terrain Sound right to any smooth surface (like a shower wall).  Fugoo Sports Bluetooth Speaker doesn't and is designed to mount to object (or sit on a counter), so the Fugoo's speaker is not a great shower speaker!

Weight:  ALL-Terrain Sound weighs less then 1 lb while Fugoo's Sports Bluetooth Speaker weighs closer to 3 lbs.  They show images of it clipped to belts and backpacks but 3 lbs is a lot of weight!

Battery: ALL-Terrain Sound Bluetooth speaker lasts for 14 hours of straight use, while Fugoo's speaker lasts for 40 hours.

Ruggedness:  ALL-Terrain Sound is designed to withstand 10+ foot drops while Fugoo does not advertise how rugged their speaker is (wouldn't they tell you if it was???).


All in all, we hope our customers see how we try to offer more quality features at a better price!