Fugoo Sport VS. The ALL-Terrain Sound (Click on the video to see them in action)

Fugoo Sport Bluetooth Speaker is a $200 "rugged waterproof speaker".  We have designed a rugged waterproof floating Bluetooth speaker geared towards the outdoor enthusiast.  ALL-Terrain Sound is designed to be a rugged waterproof speaker that can withstand 10 foot drops onto concrete.

We made this video to compare these two speakers:

ALL-Terrain Sound (ATS) - $59.95

Fugoo Sport Bluetooth Speaker - $200


We dropped ATS and Fugoo into a bucket of water to see how waterproof they were.  We saw that the ATS floats and keeps playing music while in the water.  The Fugoo speaker didn't float and lost Bluetooth connection.  We were also concerned that Fugoo's charging ports aren't covered.


We then did a 5 foot drop test for ATS and Fugoo.  ATS had no noticeable scratches or marks.  This is why we say ALL-Terrain Sound is RUGGED!  Fugoo's Sport speaker broke into multiple pieces.  We wouldn't call that rugged!