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FRESHeTECH's Splash Shower Tunes and Splash Tunes Pro are NOT Available on Amazon.com

FRESHeTECH has made the decision to not list our Bluetooth shower speakers on Amazon.com anymore.  FRESHeTECH's Splash Shower Tunes was previously ranked #2 among all Bluetooth speakers on Amazon.com.  With that said, we removed ourselves from Amazon in December, 2014 because Amazon.com started hurting our listings' ranking and promoting knockoffs of or products.  It was sad to see Amazon would prefer to sell a low quality knockoff to the real thing!



I am proud to say that we have been featured on Good Morning America this past week (Tuesday).  Sales have never been better and customers have never been happier!  Thanks for the support and encourage your friends to visit us at FRESHeTECH.com!