Counterfeit Vs. Authentic - FreshETech Products

Beware of Counterfeit FRESHeTECH Products

We wanted to make our customers aware, there are many Chinese and Hong Kong companies that sell knockoff versions of our products.  These are not produced by us and contain very different parts.  We build FreshETech Splash Tunes with the highest quality parts ensuring they are perfectly waterproof, have a high quality battery and have an extremely high quality speaker.  We strive to give our customers the best product we can produce and hate to see anything less than that.  


Our recommendation is to buy a FRESHeTECH - Splash Tunes from one of the companies listed below:

Amazon: Splash Tunes by FRESHeTECH


If you are an authorized store or distributor, please email to be added to the list.  

If you are a customer that is wondering if the unit you bought is authentic, please email