BTS-06 VS. Splash Shower Tunes By FRESHeTECH

This is BTS-06 (below).

This is Splash Shower Tunes and Splash Tunes Pro (below).


You may ask what is the difference between BTS-06 and Splash Shower Tunes (and Splash Tune Pro) by FRESHeTECH?

It is a pretty simple question...  BTS-06 is the chinese knockoff of Splash Shower Tunes.  You can tell from the packaging, BTS-06 was mass produced without a concern for quality.  When you buy it through some of these major discount websites, you will receive BTS-06.  It has worse battery life, a higher percent of units with issues, worse sounding speakers, less durable units, not waterproof speakers, worse packaging....I could go on!

The difference with us is, we are here to stand by Splash Shower Tunes.  We offer a warranty and are featured in national press (keep an eye out for Good Morning America this month).  We are happy to say we warranty our products and make sure each customer is satisfied.  We are a small local company in Orlando, FL!  We work hard to make sure our quality is great and our satisfied customers show that!