BTS 06 - Bluetooth Shower Speaker

After FRESHeTECH came out with Splash Shower Tunes, BTS 06 soon came out.  BTS 06 is the knockoff version of Splash Shower Tunes.  This knockoff shower speaker is not nearly as good a product as the original Splash Shower Tunes or the new Splash Tunes Pro.

BTS 06 has:

- A smaller battery life

- A lower quality speaker cone, so you hear worse quality sound

- Not real Bluetooth, so it often doesn't sync to modern phones

- Is built with no oversight, so they will likely work for less time and often break during shipping

- A weak suction cup that leads BTS 06 to have trouble sticking to a shower wall

- Worse packaging (just makes a bad gift)

- Isn't sealed on its cracks to make it waterproof

- Wouldn't make for good outdoor use since it doesn't handle "the elements" well

- If it breaks, who do you even call?

On the other hand, FRESHeTECH has been around for 3 years and works hard to get quality products in all our customers' hands.