Best Shower Speakers of 2015

I wanted to post an article talking about some of the best shower speakers of 2015.  Of course, we are biased and have our opinions (but will make really good arguments why we are right).

There are really 2 levels of shower speakers:

- Branded products with their own unique design

- Chinese "knockoffs" with generic product and new logo printed

Today we will talk about the branded and unique products.  Otherwise, there is not anything to discuss since all Chinese branded "knockoffs" have the same functionality.


5 - Kohler Bluetooth Shower Head

Bluetooth Shower Head Kohler

Price: $199

This is an actual shower head that has a built-in Bluetooth Shower Speaker inside it.  The difficult part is you need to detach the shower head to recharge the unit.  The other giant issue is...the price. :(


4 - Boom Swimmer


Price: $59.95

The Boom Swimmer has several attachments that allow it to wrap around a pole or a suction cup.  Its sound quality is mediocre and battery life is about 5 hours of "real" use.


3 - Splash Shower Tunes - Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Bluetooth shower speakers 

Price: $39.95

This was designed 3 years ago by FRESHeTECH.  Since then, there has been a significant amount of low quality knockoffs.


2 - UE Roll - Portable Bluetooth Speaker

UE Bluetooth portable speaker roll

 Price: $99.99

UE Roll is a new expensive speaker that many are using in the shower.


1 - Splash Tunes Pro - The Perfect Bluetooth Shower Speaker

bluetooth pro shower speaker

Price: $69.95

Just like the name says, The Perfect Bluetooth Shower Speaker!  Waterproof, floats, loud, high quality sound, answer calls, skip songs, and the list keeps going!