Splash Tunes Pro Manual

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing Splash Tunes Pro: "The Perfect Shower Speaker" to take with you anywhere and everywhere! We are confident that you will absolutely love our product.

To ensure best use of your Splash Tunes Pro, please review this manual before use.

Keep the beat.



Speakerphone / Hands-Free Calling

This speaker can function as a speakerphone for your mobile phone (while connected in Bluetooth mode).

  • Short press the Astronaut icon to pause/play or answer a phone call.
  • Short press again to end call.

This speaker is compliant with IPX5 waterproof standard “splash proof in all directions.” It is critical to the lifetime of the product to ensure that the auxiliary port and USB charge port is completely sealed by the protective rubber cover.

WARNING: Do not submerge ALL-Terrain Sound® under water. Changes in pressure can cause water to leak into the device and potentially damage the speaker.



Please make sure your smartphone or other portable device is Bluetooth-enabled. Specific pairing steps may vary with different devices. Please refer to your device's user manual for further information.

  • Press and hold the Power On/Off button for 4 seconds
  • The LED light on the upper right side of the speaker near the hook will flash blue and red, indicating that the speaker is in pairing mode
  • Turn on your device's Bluetooth function and search for Bluetooth devices; select ALL-Terrain from the device list, and press connect
  • After successfully connecting, the LED changes to solid blue/white

TIP: Once ALL-Terrain Sound® is paired and connected to your mobile device, it will connect automatically just as long as the Bluetooth device and speaker are powered on.


There is a 3.5mm AUX port on the side of the speaker which can be used to connect to another device by using a 3.5mm AUX cable. If your device uses a port other than 3.5mm, then you will need an adapter cable.


Insert the micro-USB charging cable into the speaker (under the cover at the bottom of the device)

  • Connect the standard USB plug end of the cable into a power USB port on a computer or other USB charging device. For first time use, a full charge is recommended.
  • Connect MicroUSB plug end of the cable into ALL-Terrain Sound®.
  • An LED on the front of the speaker will illuminate while ALL-Terrain Sound® is charging.

WARNING: Do not use USB chargers that provide more than 1 Amp (1A) of electricity. Doing so could severely damage the battery of ALL-Terrain Sound® and potentially cause malfunctions.

Safety and Maintenance

  • Do not use this device near any heat sources such as radiators, heaters, stoves, or other heat-producing machinery
  • Do not leave ALL-Terrain Sound® in direct sunlight
  • Keep ALL-Terrain Sound® out of children's reach to avoid a choking hazard
  • Clean with a soft cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean
  • Do not clean this device when it is charging. Always unplug from the power source and ensure the protective rubber cover is tightly sealed before cleaning

Trouble Shooting

The speaker does not play.
  1. Make sure the speaker is fully charged.
  2. Make sure the speaker and device are connected. Please refer to your device's Bluetooth menu and “Connecting” section of this manual.
  3. Make sure the volume is turned up.
I cannot pair my device to Splash Tunes Pro
  1. Make sure the speaker is charged.
  2. Make sure the Bluetooth of your device is on; please refer to your device's user manual.
  3. Make sure the speaker and device are in pairing mode.
  4. Make sure the speaker and your cell phone are within controllable range. We recommend within 1 meter from each other.
If the problem persists, please do as follows:
  • Recharge the ALL-Terrain Sound® speaker
  • Turn off your cell phone, take out the battery, and put it back
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your device and delete all the pairing histories
  • Re-pair your device and the speaker

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