ALL-Terrain Sound VS. Outdoor Tech's Turtle Shell - Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker Comparison

Differences Between ALL-Terrain Sound and Outdoor Tech's Turtle Shell 2.0

Price: ALL-Terrain Sound is available on Amazon at $59.95.  Outdoor Tech's Turtle Shell 2.0 is $99.95.

Winner: ALL-Terrain Sound is a better priced waterproof speaker

Waterproof: ATS - Waterproof and floats / Turtle Shell - Water-resistent and does NOT float

Winner: ALL-Terrain Sound is a waterproof speaker!

Durability: ATS - 10+ feet onto concrete / Turtle Shell - Don't drop it from over 4 feet high (we tried it)

Winner: ALL-Terrain Sound's rugged design allows you to use this Bluetooth speaker without any concerns.

Answer Calls: ATS - Yes / Turtle Shell 2.0 - Yes

Winner: Tie - Both Bluetooth speakers can answer calls and have built-in microphones.

Bluetooth: ATS - Bluetooth 4.0 / Turtle Shell 2.0 - Bluetooth 4.0

Winner: Tie - Both speakers have Bluetooth 4.0 so the sound streams at high quality