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We are an American product development company located in Orlando Florida. FRESHeTECH designs, develops, manufactures, markets and sells consumer electronics and provides professional services to corporations, inventors and startups. Our team is comprised of designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, marketers and inventors. We dream of ideas and we make them reality. After releasing our first product, Splash Tunes® we realized we're on to something as it quickly became the top selling bluetooth shower speaker in the country. We couldn't stop there, we knew we had to continue to invent More FRESHeTECH. FRESHeTECH iconWe'd love to hear from you.  Please contact us if you have any questions Want to carry our products? Please submit your information here.

Fun Facts about FRESHeTECH

- FRESHeTECH designs products in their headquarters in downtown Orlando, FL.

- FRESHeTECH was started by a group of college friends.

- FRESHeTECH has sold over 100,000 speakers!

- Our logo is an astronaut because: 

      A) landing on the moon was a sign of innovation

      B) we are right near NASA

      C) we just thought the astronaut looked cool (this is the main reason)...