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Product Manufacturing

FRESHeTECH Consulting puts a global team of manufacturing experts at your disposal. With personnel physically located in the most popular manufacturing destinations in the world, we can source materials, control quality, and oversee manufacturing more efficiently and less expensively than our competition. Our focused and agile team can move a project from rough sketches to finished product in a matter of months, getting your idea to market quicker and at a lower cost.

Through our consulting program, we've worked with partners to bring dozens of products to market. It doesn’t matter if you have a fully functioning prototype or just a blue sky idea, we can work to get your product ready for manufacturing.

Email Adam Schwartz for more information.

Some of our partners

Here are just a few of the products we've helped bring to consumers around the world.

Sales Partnership

FRESHeTECH Consulting has developed a new way to connect you with sales channels for your product. MeGet.Email is a subscription based website solution that gives you the contact information for buyers at stores of all sizes all over the world.

MeGet.Email is the first and most important tool in hunting for new sales channels for your product. Click here to find out more.