FRESHeBUDS Pro Carrying Case

Get A FRESHeBUDS Pro Carrying Case For Free!  Just pay for shipping ($4.95)


Are you planning to put your FRESHeBUDS Pro units in a backpack or workbag?  

FRESHeBUDS PROs have a magnetized on and off switch.  When the earbuds are separated they turn on and when connected they shut off.  Sometimes in bags the earbuds can separate turning on your earbuds.  We recommend the carrying case as this will prevent this from happening.

This Carrying Case Works With FRESHeBUDS models: FRESHeBUDS, FRESHeBUDS AIR, And FRESHeBUDS PRO.


*Please Note That This Offer Is For One FRESHeBUDS Pro Carrying Case.  Even If You Add Multiple Units To Your Cart, You Will Only Receive One.