Air Lock Bag Resealer


New micro-thermal technology makes resealing plastic bags a snap. Keep food fresher longer with this innovative sealing device. Air Lock creates an airtight seal that prevents food from going stale without the clips, clamps, and rubber bands. The locking feature means the heating element is safely hidden away. Best of all, Air Lock is rechargeable, so no AAA batteries.

Perfect for chips, crackers, inner cereal bags, baking goods, and any other bag you want to keep fresh.


  • Create an airtight seal on any plastic bag
  • Safety lock mode or seal mode
  • Rechargeable via a provided micro-USB cord
  • A 2-hour recharge provides the power for making 1000+ seals
  • Built-in cool-touch safety feature
  • Magnetically sticks to the fridge
  • Great for snacks, cereal, coffee, many of our customers get creative and create daily vitamin bags etc.
  • Commonly used by campers or thrown in purses