March 31, 2017

Do you spend a lot of time on the go or traveling around the country? Traveling is easy when you have the right accessories.

Whether you’re dealing with Marlon Hyper-Functioning Backpacks, FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe, FRESHeTECH’s Air Lock Vacuum Sealer, or the Ostrich Pillow, it always worth it to be prepared. Here are some of the most innovative and best products to ensure that your next trip goes smoothly.

Marlon Hyper-Functioning Backpacks

Become a master of travel when you use the Marlon Hyper-Functioning Backpack. The backpacks are available in three versions: the Rucksack, the Travel Pack, and the Totepack. Each version improves every part of your journey. All three versions of the Marlon Hyper-Functioning Backpacks come in black.

The backpacks offer maximum functionality and even include a built-in USB charging capability. Each of the Marlon Hyper-Functioning Backpacks come with a compartment for your laptop or tablet, an RFID-blocking pouch, and a ventilated compartment.

FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe

The FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe is made by AquaVault. The FlexSafe is a safe that is completely flexible so you can pack it in any bag or suitcase. This case is perfect for anything from beach vacations to golfing. The FlexSafe is water-resistant and has a vertical zipper for enhanced accessibility. FlexSafe features a cut-resistant nylon exterior with a 3 digit lock with a magnetic closure. The FlexSafe is super convenient and the exterior features include a strong carrying handle and mesh pockets to store other accessories.

FRESHeTECH’s Air Lock Vacuum Sealer

Are you tired of throwing away hundreds of dollars away on spoiled food while you travel? Luckily Air Lock Vacuum Sealer is here to save the day!

This handheld vacuum sealer comes with 4 double-gallon bags that are freezable, reusable, and leak-proof. Not to mention Air Lock Vacuum Sealer comes with a USB charging cable for an unlimited amount of uses, one charge can seal hundreds of bags. Simply put the food you want to preserve in the vacuum sealer bag, connect the vacuum sealer to the bag, and all the excess air is removed from the bag in 15-30 seconds.

This keeps food lasting 3 times longer, marinates meat and fish in a matter of minutes, and freezer burn is completely eliminated.

Ostrich Pillow

The Ostrich Pillow is an extremely useful accessory for going on trips and when you are on the go, and just need a quick nap to refresh. This pillow helps travelers prevent jet lag, by providing you with a micro sleeping environment. It is created to be a fun product, its features include a polystyrene filling and a soft interior that allows you to sleep anytime, and anywhere without being distracted by noise, light, and other interruptions around you.

Which one of these accessories are you going to add to your next vacation?