Bluetooth Shower Head VS Bluetooth Shower Speaker

August 16, 2016

Need something to rock out to in the shower? Maybe you’ve seen those speakers that slip into the shower head, giving you the music while you soap up in the shower?

So how do they stack up against the Splash Tunes Pro, the gold standard of shower speakers?

Well, we thought we’d give it a try.


Here are thoughts on the shower head speaker.

First of all, installation isn’t any different than a normal shower head. I recommend a crescent wench and some extra thread sealing tape.

On the one I got, as on most of them, the speaker actual is attached to the showered via a magnet, so you can pull it out for charging. I was a little disappointed in this. Not sure what I thought, but part of me imagined that the speaker would be powered by the water? Okay, maybe that’s crazy, but it seems weird pulling something out of your shower head every few days.

So far, that’s not two different than the Splash Tunes Pro, which you also take off the wall to charge. I think the charge time seems longer on the Splash Tunes Pro, so that’s a consideration. Nothing more annoying than your speaker dying before the hot water runs out.

So how does it work as a shower head. I suppose that depends on your preference, but since the speaker is in the middle, that means the water isn’t. It’s a nice ring around the side, but lacks ummph without anything coming out of the middle.

Another concern is the acoustics. The speaker sounded fine when I tested it, but then I tried it during an actual shower…not so much. I think the flowing water does a little distortion. The Splash Tunes Pro, on the other hand, uses the natural acoustics of the shower to create perfect auditory environment.

So that brings us to the form factor. The shower head speaker is built for one thing - attaching into the shower. The Splash Tunes Pro, however, is great for taking anywhere.

Another consideration, the price. I paid $199.89 for this shower head speaker. (I do these things so you don’t have to.)

The choice is clear. Splash Tunes Pro beats any in shower head speaker system.