Listen to Music Using the Splash Tunes Pro while You Take a Shower

June 08, 2015

If you are a crazy music fan and need music, especially, while showering, because, your roommates throw pillows at you for giving musical performances in the bathroom, then the answer to their prayers and your prayers is the Splash Tunes shower speakers. These Bluetooth shower speakers have many features, like that of your regular stereo. You can stop all the wiring and the mess of a large stereo in your bathroom.

When you turn on the shower, you can start listening to music, skip any song you don’t like, listen to loud rock music, and also answer calls. Yes, you heard that right! Also answer calls as well using the Bluetooth shower speaker. Since it is fitted to your shower, being waterproof is one of its foremost feature. Priced between forty to seventy dollars, this speaker when fitted is one the best ways to relax while taking your shower.

It comes with rechargeable batteries as well. It also plays music for fourteen hours at a stretch. So, even if you are not showering, you can pretty much spend some offbeat time in your bathroom only to listen to some music and maybe even read and relax. It has control buttons such as skip, play, pause, back, and also volume control so you can increase and decrease the volume easily.

Whether you are connecting your laptop or your smartphone to this speaker, you can listen to all your favorite music in the shower. You can fix it to the shower very easily without special equipment. If you have a bathroom big enough, then you could as well have one of the wildest dance parties in your bathroom along with your besties. You could do your bits of dance exercise; of course, the floor must be dry. You can think of just about anything with this kind of Bluetooth shower speaker and music.

If you are giving a bath to your baby, you can really play cute music while your kids enjoy their bath. You could play nursery rhymes, etc and make their bathing really enjoyable. Your pets too can take a delight in this. Especially that, it is a well known fact that dogs hate taking baths, you could use some music to encourage your dogs to enjoy their bathing time.

They come in very vibrant colors and you might not need a plumber or an electrician to fix this to your shower’s suction tube. Attaching this speaker to your shower is pretty much DIY.