May 18, 2015

Ever wondered about a speaker that you could use when you are in the shower or washing your car? I know most would want to have one but the traditional ones are so cumbersome that you have to worry about the portability and moisture getting into it.


FRESHeTECH brings to you Splash Tunes®, the best quality shower speaker that has a very good water resistance and a nice floating compact design. It has a strong suction cup that enables you to attach it to any flat surface, so you can virtually take it to any place you go. A really great relief is that its durable design can withstand a 6 foot drop and not be worried of it falling down and cracking.


With the awesome feature of Bluetooth 4.0 you can stream music faster than other players. The unified volume control is cool, that is the volume control on the phone and speaker are the same. Now you can play, skip and pause songs right from the speaker. Users in US and Canada have reported that it works great with YouTube and iHeartRadio and when you hit next from the shower it will go to the next song or station. People usually get this as a gift for their loved ones.


You know, you can even take calls from your shower with this splendid Bluetooth speaker. It has high quality built in speaker for loud sound and large batteries that is 3 times the size of any other shower speaker. The micro-USB charger fully charges in 90min and you could get about 12 hours of continuous play.


The Sole Shipper of Splash Tunes Bluetooth Shower Speaker Around The World


FRESHeTECH Bluetooth Shower Speaker is the original and only shower speaker compatible with most smartphones. FRESHeTECH always strives to deliver high quality products and wants the customer to have an awesome experience.


This device is so cool that people in Canada, UK, Netherlands, and Israel where Splash Tunes sells best has received a lot of spurious cheap imitations with low quality from online retailers and websites like Amazon. So FRESHeTECH decided to be the sole shipper of Bluetooth Shower Speakers around the world till this spurious menace is sorted out with the retailer sites. If you have any doubts with any retailer sites selling the Bluetooth Shower Speakers, contact FRESHeTECH and they will be able to help you with that.


FRESHeTECH is now shipping to nearly 120 countries and it’s free in US and only $ 5.95 for other countries. The delivery is hassle free and quick and you can expect it to take only 5-7days. International customers opting for standard shipping should expect it within three weeks. If you changed your mind or just don’t like the product there is a 14 day return period with full return purchase price with 20% restocking fee. The customer support is very friendly and actually walks you through instructions when you encounter any problems during setup.