The Largest Bluetooth Categories

May 14, 2015

There are four (4) major Bluetooth categories which are Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones, Wearable as well as Keyboards.

The Bluetooth speakers are the next step in speaker technology, and they are compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices, be it phone or MP3 players. With a spread of 15-35 feet, it brings your music with you, wherever you go most especially if you are a music addict, and makes it possible for you to have a complete command over your entire audio system. Bluetooth speakers make music a shared experience by making it possible for you to enjoying your favorite tunes with friends or a loved one.

Bluetooth wearable devices are getting smaller every day and also, are becoming more reliable, secure, and low-power connectivity. There are Bluetooth wearable cameras, ring, microphone, watch, speakers and among others. The Bluetooth wearable with its maneuverability enables you to be aware of when you receive something vital on your cell phone either call or message.

The Bluetooth earphones make your communication efficient and effective and not only does it gives you comfort, it also assures you good quality of sound. As music enthusiasts, composers, and singers, Bluetooth headphones bring your music satisfaction to life while sparing you from the traps of bulky wires.

The Bluetooth keyboards on the other hand are very fantastic and portable. They use the standard set of rules and guidelines to operate in congruence with the components of your gadget. Its versatility is wonderful with a spread ofup to 30 feet as well as One-touch access to multimedia functions. The essence of Bluetooth keyboards lies in the fact that it works extremely well with the different hardware and at the same time it follows all the guidelines of a standard protocol.

One of such great gadget is the Bluetooth Shower Speakers; led by Splash Tunes. Shower speakers can be found in several designs and styles. They are waterproof Bluetooth shower speakers that give you the ability to jam out while in the shower. Bluetooth Shower Speakers also give you the freedom to play music, increase/decrease volume, skip songs as well as answer phone calls all from inside your bath.

Imagine the hot shower you take before bed now being accompanied by your favorite soothing music! Splash Tunes is a Portable Bluetooth Shower speaker that creates a relaxing environment for you by making it easier for you to listen to your favorite music on the go.

The believe is that Bluetooth Shower speaker is something to be found only in super high-end bathroom however, it has now become much more affordable that it can also be used outside the bathroom .

The Bluetooth Shower speaker changes your shower experience from ordinary into an awesome one.