Own a Toy Like You Never Did Before! - Splash Tunes Pro

May 01, 2015

We pamper babies with a selection of their favourite toys and books in a shower or bath. Bath time becomes such a wonderful experience with something to entice their senses. However, we adults can’t really indulge in such luxuries; can we?

Well, the answer is yes. The luxurious entertainer comes in the form of Bluetooth Shower Speakers from FRESHeTECH which was invented three years ago. These water-proof speakers allow you to listen to music and answer your calls from anywhere, whether you are in the bath, next to a pool, washing your car or just enjoying fresh rain showers in your garden!

However, to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers, FRESHeTECH has now come up with the new advanced Bluetooth Shower speakers called the Splash Tunes Pro (2015).

This advanced version has many features to boast:

  • Better Design
  • More water-proof and floatable
  • Bigger suction cups for easier grip on the walls
  • Bigger buttons for easier control of the gadget
  • One volume button which controls the volume of the phone and speakers
  • Durable design to withstand a 6 foot drop easily and outdoor usage
  • Advanced Electronics
  • Better speakers – Bluetooth 4.0 streams faster data than the original Bluetooth 3.0
  • Larger battery (1200 MaH) as compared to 300 MaH – 3 times the battery life
  • Micro-USB rechargeable in 90 minutes
  • High-quality microphone built in for better audibility
  • Experience
  • Eye-catching colours and beautiful packaging
  • Listen to it 1000 times and you will still love it
  • Affordable

What Our Customers Say

Splash Tunes Pro has changed the way I shower.  The sound is clear and I basically charge this speaker once every 3 months.  Extremely happy and would recommend! - Steve from Texas

Bought my Splash Tunes Pro mainly for the shower but I often use it outside of my shower.  Since it is Bluetooth, I use it in the kitchen and in the backyard.  Very happy with my purchase! - Rebecca from California

Despite the name, it's also a good speaker choice for outdoor parties when you're at the pool or the weather is threatening. - CNBC

So, why carry a radio, a CD player and your phone in your bath and keep worrying about those getting wet and damaged? Just hop in the bath, turn on the Splash Tunes Pro and rock as you rinse off!