Bluetooth Shower Speaker – Splash Tunes Pro Improvements

April 29, 2015

If singing in the shower or listening to music while taking a bath is a habit of yours then you most likely have a radio, CD player, or even your cell phone turned on in the bathroom. Although these devices can help, you listen to your favorite tunes, being in a damp area can cause damage to your device unless you have a Bluetooth shower speaker on hand. And when it comes to shower speakers, Splash Tunes Pro should be the brand of choice.

New and Improved Bluetooth Shower Speaker

The creators of Splash Tunes understand that their customers needed more out of their Bluetooth shower speakers and because of their feedback, they released an upgraded version of their in-demand shower speakers in the form of Splash Tunes Pro. This Bluetooth shower speaker is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 allowing non-stop streaming of your favorite music, waterproof and floating design so that even when you’re in the bathtub, you can let your shower speaker float around without damaging the device, and you can even pause, skip, and play songs directly from your speakers.

Other features include built-in microphone that is of the highest quality, unified volume button meaning you can increase or decrease volume of your Bluetooth shower speaker or phone at the same time, answer phone calls directly from your speaker, and most of all, the Splash Tunes Pro can withstand a 6 foot drop because of its durable design.

Charging time of the Splash Tunes Pro Bluetooth shower speaker is 90 minutes with its battery life lasting for several days depending on usage because of its 1200 MaH battery. This is actually the biggest battery size in any Bluetooth speakers, so this is already a plus for you. What’s more, it takes only a single touch to sync your Bluetooth to your device making it convenient for you to start jamming to all your favorite songs in an instant.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker – The Perfect Entertainment

Are you having a hard time finding the right gift for your loved one? How about buying them a Bluetooth shower speaker like Splash Tunes Pro? It comes in a nice packaging, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping your present and since it is lightweight, easy to install, and even easier to use, it won’t take your loved one long to start belting out in the shower with their new Bluetooth shower speaker.

Louder, one button pairing, durable, and affordable, what else do you need in your shower speakers? Splash Tunes Pro is definitely the best Bluetooth shower speaker in the market and with its long battery life and quality sounds, this will be your personal entertainment system whenever you hit the showers.