What is BTS-06 and What Does it Relate To Splash Shower Tunes?

April 13, 2015

We always want to enjoy our favorite tunes and jams at any time of the day and anywhere we may be. For that, you need speakers or a music player that can withstand harsh conditions and can fit anywhere while you carry on with your day. Well, your prayers have been answered in the Splash Tunes waterproof shower speakers.

Popularly known as BTS-06 because of the product code it has been given, the Splash Shower tunes is a Bluetooth waterproof shower speaker which comes in a number of colors like green, blue, black, yellow and pink colors and is available at FRESHeTECH. This speaker is more than just the outlet for your favorite sounds. The circular control panel at the center of the speaker lets you control the volume, forward or rewind your music and even take a phone call using the Bluetooth microphone. You can charge the device using a USB cable provided in the pack.

What is great about the Splash Tunes speaker is the fact that you can connect it to any smartphone or relevant device via Bluetooth. It is reasonably priced and can be used during that picnic, by the pool, on the farm and, of course, in the shower. You are able to place this speaker in a convenient place that you can reach thanks to the suction cup at the bottom of the speaker. The cup allows the speakers to be mounted on any surface.

As earlier mentioned, the Splash Tunes Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker is better known by its product code which is BTS-06. However, there are counterfeit versions of these in the market and there are many disadvantages to getting fake goods. For one, it will not last more than one month because it will either break or stop working after a short time. They are also not waterproof because they are not made by the same quality parts as the original. In addition, the suction cup, because of its inferior quality can cause the speaker to fall in water, in the shower or in places with dirt because the cup has weakened. One sure way of knowing that the product is fake is through the code. When you see it written as btS-06 (where the letters are written in mixed cases), then you will know that it is counterfeit.

One disadvantage to buying counterfeit products such as the Splash Tunes is that in the event of a malfunction or need for maintenance, it will be impossible to contact the manufacturer for assistance because they will not service fake goods. It is a well known fact that ‘cheap is expensive’ and this means that buying fake Splash Shower Tunes speakers can have you replacing them regularly which then becomes a costly affair.

Therefore, keep the party going with the Splash Tunes Bluetooth waterproof shower speakers no matter the weather or terrain you may be experiencing. Don’t buy fake speakers or your party will be shut down too soon. Never compromise on quality in any situation.