Benefits Of Splash Tunes Pro

March 30, 2015

When you think of bluetooth shower speakers, usually you find that they are way too expensive or on the other hand they are cheap and ugly looking. The Splash Tunes Pro is neither, it is a Bluetooth shower speaker that is reasonably priced and has a very rugged durable design. It is a speaker that you can use anywhere you want to. Being waterproof means that you can safely use it in your shower. It is pretty lightweight at 12 ounces and it comes with a rubber suction cup which makes it easy for you to hang it anywhere on the wall. It is waterproof and floats in your bath tub. The Splash Tunes Pro has a 1 touch pairing between the speaker and your phone, which means that you will never miss any calls when you are listning to music on the speaker.

The Splash Tunes Pro is a cute cylinder shape covered by a rubbery substance, it has a rechargeable battery and a microphone for speaker calls. It features Bluetooth 4.0 technology and its durable design lets it withstand drops of 6 feet. You can answer calls + high end microphone in your bathroom while taking a shower. This speaker has easy to use buttons which not only lets you play songs from the speaker but you can even go back, pause or even skip songs if you wish. This is the first Bluetooth speaker that lets you control the volume either directly from the speaker or even with your phone. The Splash Tunes Pro comes with a large battery which is three times larger than the size of battery in any shower speaker, which means that you can enjoy your music for a much longer time without having to recharge the battery. This battery is also designed for a quick recharge from a USB port with it being fully recharged in 90 minutes.

The new Splash Tunes Pro speaker is an improved version of the older Splash Tunes speaker with many changes made to the design for better looks and performance. It incorporates the one touch Bluetooth sync and is the only shower speaker with this feature. The annoying low battery warning has been eliminated in this speaker while making it of a durable design for outdoor use. The strength of the suction cup has also been greatly improved to make it safer for you to hang your speaker on any wall.

The new Splash Tunes Pro shower speaker has been designed with you in mind. It will let you enjoy hours of music anywhere you are while at the same time see that you do not lose any phone calls, letting you answer them hands free.