How About That Apple Watch?

September 15, 2014

Hey guys, just checking in. If you are anything like us (possible nerds), you like to keep up with the new hot gadgets. So with Apple's big event, we were obviously intrigued and excited! I will tell you why shortly, but first...

What did you think of the Apple Watch, or smart watches in general?

So why are we excited? Well, as you may notice with our progression of products, we want to bring music to the parts of your life you could never have music in the past. We Started with Splash Tunes for the shower and the paddle board, and now ALL-Terrain Sound the world's most experienced speaker built to go where no other speaker can, such as white water rafting :). The Smartwatch world opens up an opportunity for us to take the only thing limiting us out of the equation... the phone! Confused? Let me explain, our speakers are water-resistant and rugged, unfortunately for the most extreme adventures you may be risking your expensive phone in order to still stream the music (Sorry iPhones are not water resistant).

Imagine streaming bluetooth music to any speaker right from your wrist (#NPN - No Phone Needed).

With this concept, we want to hear from you! One simple question:

What adventures could you take your ALL-Terrain Sound on if you were not held back by you phone? Every response receives a 25% discount code. Thanks for the feedback!