New And Interesting Paddle Board Trends

August 29, 2014

One of the most popular beach activities is paddle boarding. While it was once something that little kids did on weekends at the beach, it has evolved into a brand new form of activity that adults have turned into a sport. These different activities make use of the paddle boards in all different ways and have even attracted the attention of businesses that want to make it more enjoyable. Here we will take a look at some of the ways that paddle boarding has changed.

From A Niche To Family Entertainment

When paddle boarding was first introduced, it was looked at as a way to loaf about in the water without expending any real energy. It was something that you could send your kids to do that was safe and away from the parents’ ears. Now, adults have begun to paddle board as a way of relaxing on the water. They simply buy or rent a board that fits their size, and then paddle into the water.

If they are looking for an activity that is more challenging, there is the stand-up paddling that many adults have sought. This is a fun and easy way to travel on the water that requires some balance and a large paddle to propel them. This activity has become one of the most popular beach activities for adults and children alike.

Yoga Boarding

Another one of the ways that paddle boarding has become popular is with yoga enthusiasts. Now people who want to do yoga are beginning to do so while on a paddle board. This involves calling upon every muscle involved with balance in order to reach positions that will help people stretch and relax in every pose. While this is difficult to attain, it is still a great way that people are implementing paddle boards.

Playing Music

Many people are beginning to play music while they are out on a stand up paddle board. While it started with people playing their favorite songs on their smart phones, many individuals realized that this was not the best way to go about getting high quality sound. As a result, companies have started to sell different speakers that allow people to enjoy their favorite music while on a paddle board.

One of the best speakers that have gained attention for this particular use is the Splash Tunes speaker. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker has made quite the splash in the paddleboard community. It is a completely waterproof speaker that can be used in any aquatic area, and can play music from other devices including most smartphones. You can stream music and play it through the Splash Tunes speaker. These speakers have revolutionized paddle boarding and have ensured its place as a fun summer activity for years to come.