Why The Astronaut? - FRESHeTECH

July 01, 2014

We are fortunate enough to have multiple people searching for “speaker with astronaut logo”, “astronaut speaker” and numerous other names that involve astronaut or spaceman and Bluetooth speaker.  We get asked a lot about our astronaut being our logo.  To address that, let me first introduce him as FRESHeNAUT (FRESHeTECH + ASTRONAUT).  We created the FRESHeTECH logo for two main reasons:

-       The moon landing is the symbol of innovation

-       Space travel excites us


As we grow FRESHeTECH from a small start-up to a much larger company designing exciting and different products, we want to remember the idea of innovation!  We need to constantly be innovating!  If you aren’t innovating, you are becoming outdated!


Most of you have probably been asked by us which waterproof boom box Bluetooth speaker we designed was your favorite.  FRESHeTECH prototypes multiple versions of any product we release to continually improve the experience our customers have.  To us, nothing makes us more proud than seeing one of our products in a customer’s hands in use! 


I have had a passion for space travel all my life and to me, nothing symbolizes overcoming the odds / going against the status quo / taking risks that pay off more than the Apollo Missions.


We hope you join us on this challenge we have embarked on, to enter a market with giant conglomerates with the goal of providing different and exciting products at a fair price!



Adam from FRESHeTECH



“We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard” – John F. Kennedy (Sept 12, 1962)