Orlando Business Journal - How to Get Your Product on The Today Show

May 27, 2014

Our CEO, Adam Schwartz, was interviewed about "How to get your product on The Today Show" and here is the article.


"Martin, glossing through a row of products, pointed to the FreshETech Splash Shower Tunes, a small Bluetooth shower speaker for your device that’s waterproof and suction-cup based. It's one of her must-have products.

“Plus, if you get a phone call, you can answer it,” Martin said. Check here to watch the segment.

Adam Schwartz, a partner at FreshETech LLC, said the spot on The Today Show netted them a couple hundred more sales, while being featured in People StyleWatchmagazine — which is how they wound up being featured on the show — gave them about 1,500 more sales. And website traffic is up about 30 percent."  

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