Does your shower speaker have a hidden camera?

March 31, 2014

We want to continue to show you that we are real people, that just happen to be obsessed with designing beautiful and useful products that make life easier.  This week Cole (Say hi to Cole) mentioned something funny at the office during a brainstorm and we had to have some fun with it.  It started with Facebook and now we wanted to send it your way directly.  Do us a favor and share the picture! Also, Like us on Facebook so you never miss out on the fun. 

So here it is.  Being that our Splash Shower Tunes is the best selling shower speaker in the market, the idea was to simply create a marketing campaign around the concept that we are "The Worlds ONLY Shower Speaker Without a Hidden Camera".   Obviously no shower speakers have hidden cameras (That we know of). But if you think about, the idea of it is pretty clever and helps us show our personality against the massive competitors that can't seem to put personality and fun in their products. 

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